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This is where you can browse through the various products of my imagination and my musing. I dabble in various genres, but most of my writing is either fantasy or non-fiction. Clicking on the images below will bring you to pages that contain information on my current WIPs and/or short stories and flash fiction.

As I’m sure you will soon discover, if you haven’t already, I thoroughly enjoy a good wacky, larger-than-life anime, mythology, and fiction stories of various genres. I also enjoy reading my bible, Christian fiction, and real-life testimonies of people that have found their way out of life's dark places, be those dark places in the world or in their own hearts. So, my readers can expect my own stories to be a combination of any of those elements. Some will be written for fun, others to teach and/or edify to the best of my ability, but it’s my desire that all will bring Him glory and all who read them enjoyment, hope, and truth.

Just as a warning, most of my stories will probably not be suitable for children under 16 years of age. While I do my best to not be a stumbling block or appear to condone sin, like in the bible, my ‘people’ experience temptations, do sin, make mistakes, and live in a cursed world. Some tales will have violence, abuse, slavery, adultery, and other terrible things, but the truth is that these things do happen in life and though it may not always be 'in your face' obvious or even seen, sin has consequences. While I try not to be gratuitous with these things, if you are a parent, please consider reading for yourself first to judge whether any of my stories are suitable for your children.

Happy reading!

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