Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Good Book Suggestions Wanted!

Nanowrimo is over and I didn't win this year, but I don't feel all that bad about it. I decided pretty early on that I wasn't going to beat myself up if I didn't hit that 50k. In fact, I only got about 24k. I love participating and writing along with other writers, but this time letting the writing process be cathartic was more important than stressing myself out over word count. Instead, I choose to be pleased with what I did get written down and continue working on it at my own pace as the memories come to me.

Life has been hectic, but an enjoyable sort of crazy. In addition to my nanoing and weekly therapy appointments, I ended up discovering a new church that I'm happy to be a part of. And a new found social life to go with it. It's small right now, but in a way that's better for me, so I can actually be an active part instead of just another bum in a pew. Could I have stayed home and possibly gotten more words written? Sure, I could have, but seeing that I hadn't had an active church to truly call my own for nearly nine years, fellowship with other Christians in real life(not that I don't treasure the online friends that I have, I love all you guys!) took higher priority in my life.

And now that NaNoWriMo is done, I think it's time to take a semi-break from writing to address an issue I've noticed. Over the last couple months, I've noticed that I've all but stopped doing my hobbies. I'd stopped drawing and worse, I didn't want to read anymore. A book that I had rewarded myself with back in April still has yet to be finished. I'm barely halfway through it, which is sad, because I'm confident that its just as an excellent a story as the ones that came before it.

So, I'm going to put a lot more effort into refilling my creative well with good reading and read as many books as I can. The books I know that I want to read(not necessarily in the order shown) are:

Shadow Hand by Anne Elisabeth Stengl. The book I got way back in April? Yeah, it was this one and I'm eager to finish it!
Golden Daughter by Anne Elisabeth Stengl. The latest in her fantastic series. I bought it this morning as a greater incentive to finish off Shadow Hand(not that I really needed more incentive to read these awesome books). ;)
A Draw of Kings(Book 3 in the Staff and the Sword Series) by Patrick W. Carr. I don't know what happened that I haven't started this one yet. I LOVED the first two in the series and I'm sure I'll love this one too.
Five Glass Slippers: A Collection of Cinderella Stories by Elisabeth Brown, Emma Clifton, Rachel Heffington, Stephanie Ricker, and Clara Diane Thompson. I bought this anthology not long after it was released and I've been meaning to read it ever since. I've heard good things about them all.
The Sword by Bryan M. Litfin. Yet another promising-looking book that I've picked up recently.
Allegiant by Veronica Roth This one I'm going to listen to by audio-book! I've read the other two in the series, so I'm hoping this one will be good too.

Got any books that you'd suggest? I like young adult and adult fantasy, mystery, paranormal, thrillers(non-political), contemporary. Old books, new books, I'm not picky. I'll give most a try so long as they're clean(no graphic language, sex, or gore-violence), so share away!

Now, I'm off to watch Maleficent with the family!

Be blessed, all.

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