Saturday, October 4, 2014

Autumn Nostalgia

I love autumn, it's my favorite time of year. Delicious, pumpkin-everything and Halloween fun aside, there is something special about watching the leaves transform that makes me nostalgic for home. And by home, I mean the Native American reservation that I grew up on.

When I was about 1, my parents moved us from our apartment in the city of Ashland, WI to Birch Hill, WI. I remember that my first night in my new home, I spent chasing down flies and small spiders as my parents unpacked. The house itself was nothing grand, just a plain two bed, one bath with off-white, vinyl siding. But the outdoors captured my heart immediately.

Having lived in a city up until then, I'd never seen so many trees! Mixed with oaks and papery birch trees, pines towered like two-story buildings everywhere. There was so much for a tomboyish little girl to get into and investigate. As a kid I spent my days climbing those trees, making forts out of them, running barefoot through them as I chased grass snakes, frogs, and bugs to my heart's content. I often came home with sticks or leaves in my hair and dirt on my face.

It was there that I learned to love autumn. Fall brings to mind the taste of hot chocolate, the warm, nutty smell of roasted acorns I used to collect by the ice cream bucket full. The tasty fun of hunting down wild, juicy blackberries and raspberries with my mother till our fingers(and my mouth) were dark purple, then turning all those berries into pies and jam. The way the air would turn so fresh and crisp, like ozone in the air after a rainstorm. But one of my fondest memories was the long walks we took down the rocky, dirt paths behind our house. Stretching for miles, those trails wove through some of the prettiest parts of the forest, only made more beautiful by the leaves transforming from green to gold, scarlet, and topaz as the Master Painter gave them a new color.

Now that I've rambled on about my favorite season, which one is yours? What makes you nostalgic? Feel free to share in the comments.

Happy Fall, everyone!

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