Friday, August 8, 2014

Can Spreading The Gospel Ever Do More Harm Than Good?

Last night was fun! I love discussing and debating biblical topics with my friends. Especially when questions that I've never thought of before get brought up and I need to study my bible and/or think to come up with answers. Continuing an interesting conversation with my friends from the night before, we addressed a question one of them had brought up: What do we do when spreading the gospel will do more harm than good?

Long story short, I don't feel there is such a time in the long run. Not to say that spreading the gospel cannot do harm, if it is without love accompanying it. Not the mushy kind of love, but the love spoken of in 1 Corinthians 13. The hard sort of loving, that challenges every Christian that there ever was and ever will be.

I believe that, ideally, we shouldn't minister or do 'good deeds' without that love accompanying it. However, we all make mistakes. When we forget to speak and act with that love guiding us or choose not to. But I believe that so long as we repent of our mistakes and love God, he will use even them for His purpose.

And to top off the night, one of our friends converted to Christianity! I just pray that God will bless their journey with Him and give them strength.

God is good. :)

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