Sunday, November 10, 2013

NaNoWriMo Madness 2013!

Yep, I'm still alive and writing, as any of you who have been watching my nano progress bar can see. I've just been very busy writing away, which is never a bad thing.

Last night there was a writing marathon in the chat room that I go to and it was a blast! Word wars and sprints everywhere! It was great writing with so many people! Now if only we could have a marathon like that every Saturday, that would be wonderful.

I'm very pleased to say that I ended yesterday night, having written 8,452 words! That is about a thousand more words than my previous daily record! Not that I quit writing once the clock turned midnight. I stuck around, writing another 1,432 words. I am now five days ahead, with a total NaNo count of 25,004 and have a total of 64,924 when added to the work I had already done in my challenge, which had been 39,920. Needless, to say, I'm feeling rather pleased with my progress and hoping to continue to do as well as I have been so far.

Tomorrow, I will be doing some plotting, since I ran out of plotted scenes and have been winging it for the last thousand or so words. Need to get my B plot sorted out! Especially since it is so integral to the overall plot of this story.

But for now, I rest!

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