Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Name Changes and October Goings-On!

Wonder what happened to Brianna Dare? Well, I decided to drop the 'pen name'. Yep, Julieann Wright is my real name, but I'm calling myself J.C.(abbreviated maiden name) Wright on my book covers/etc. I have good reasons why, aside from just simplicity, but they are long and drawn out to explain and personal, so I’ll spare you the details. Lets just suffice it to say it involves self-therapy, my depression, and my PTSD and leave it at that.

Just so y'all know, my blogger account is now: My facebook page has changed to: and my Twitter account is now: @Julieann_Wright

And speaking of accounts, my NaNoWriMo account is still under B_Daring. Anyone else participating in this wondrous month of novel-writing craziness? Feel free to add me as a buddy!

In addition to working on an autobiography/journal thing(another part of my self-therapy), I’ve been busy tackling the plot and scene sequencing of my NaNoWriMo fantasy novel, which I’ve titled Honorless. I’m about a third of the way through with the scene sequence at a word count of 2,717 and there is only eight more days in the month to finish it(and hopefully a backup novel plotted out in case I somehow manage to get stuck!) *flails* At least the new plotting method seems to be working well for me.

Here’s my Nano novel concept: For his initiation into a notorious gang, that just might spell the only chance at survival the young, starving gargoyle man has, he must kidnap a rich Lord's daughter to ransom. But when he accidentally discovers his new leader's true intentions for the girl, what choice can this self-labeled 'honorless' man do but to kidnap her again?

What do you think? Sound interesting? It should be a blast to write, once I’ve gotten the all the scenes plotted out. Looking forward to November starting!

On the subject of months ending, Halloween is almost upon us! My husband and son worked together on carving the pumpkins a two weekends ago. They made a Jack the Pumpkin King one(since my son saw the movie, that’s the one he chose) and a cute owl for me <3

We also had to take the traditional ‘first October pumpkin pictures’ with Abigail. Me and the hubby took Abigail and her pumpkin to the little park up the road, and Papa and the boys tagged along too.

It will be my youngest son’s first trick or treating. :) Still need to decide what the kiddos are going as this year. My oldest, Owen, wants to be either a pirate or a superhero. Nana and I were considering making a dalmatian puppy costume for Liam and either a kitten or a poodle for Abigail. Still not sure if I’ll be taking her with for trick or treating, or just taking pictures and leaving her at home with the grandparents.

Now I'm going to fill up on chai tea and sweet, pumpkin spice'd rice for breakfast and pray the cold I'm coming down with is gone before Halloween! I hope everyone enjoys their last days of October!

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