Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Long Day of Fun! (Lots of Pictures)

What a fun filled day the friday before last was! Took me forever to get the pictures uploaded, but now that I have, it's time to share! Ignoring my schedule has come back to bite me, but I don't care because it was just too good a day to regret. 

I had originally been planning just a couple hours out and about with me and my oldest son, but it quickly turned into a full day of fun with me, all three of my kids, and the grandparents. After a frustratingly long time to get us all ready to go, I drove us to McDonalds to pick up some chicken nuggets, then on to the nearest big city, Conway.

The first stop we made was Goodwill, as per Nana’s request. I’m not much of a thrift-store girl anymore unless I have something in mind. I generally prefer ‘hunting’ over ‘shopping’. Get what I need and go. After an hour and a half, we ended up buying one of those walker seats for my baby girl, a toy computer, and a little trike for the boys, who now bicker over them if we’re not refereeing carefully :D Some other things were bought that I can’t recall, but I bought myself a nice sweater jacket.

Next, we went to a dollar jewelry store called One Dollar Jewelry Galore that I’ve been dying to go to for the last few months. Last chance I got to go was about a month before my daughter was born. Sadly, they have fewer things to my interest(I was really hoping they’d get the pretty glass earrings back in stock that I bought a while back and lost, but oh well). Instead, they did have another one of my favorite things, owls! I am now the proud owner of five owl rings. I also bought a bug ring, a really pretty rock ring that was supposed to be some sort of opal *shrugs, a few hair accessories, and a set of owl earrings. My favorites are the pink and crystal owl that my mother in law spotted and the rock ring.

My treasure pile!

We ended up spending way more there than I’d anticipated and it wasn’t until I checked the receipt later that I found out that some of their items where more than a dollar and hadn’t been labeled as more expensive. Can’t help but feel a bit cheated when a store does that… :(

For some reason, they had a ton of ‘mustache’ items, from rings, to bracelets, to necklaces, to hair accessories, to fake ‘mustache’ tattoos! Since when did the mustache become such a popular thing, for women? *Is confused* Though, the apparent trend does remind me of a time I used mascara to ‘paint’ a beard and mustache on myself to mess with a friend’s brother’s head and try to make him think she was hanging out with a guy. I sure got a lot of weird looks that day XD

Anyways, the in laws took my oldest into Target while I fed his sister in the van and their brother napped in his car seat. They didn’t come back to the car until about another hour later, my son with a brand new car-shooter toy that he just loves. After having a snack of granola bars and string cheese, came the highlight of our trip, Petsmart.

It’s the next best thing to a zoo, while still being free. The kiddos had a blast looking at all the different critter. Fish, frogs, crabs, rescue kitties, birds, guinea pigs, lizards, and even a lone Emperor Scorpion(did you know that they glow under ultraviolet light? They do! Check it out!)

Liam checking out some fish.
Owen looking at some frogs.
Liam sees a crab poking out a bit.
Liam sees a kitty, though to him, they are 'dawg' too :D
Liam playing with a parrot.
Owen watching a guinea pig.
The boys and Nana looking at the lizards.
Owen commenting on the Emperor Scorpion!

Even my four month old daughter liked the fish and the colorful parakeets!

Me, Abigail, and some guppies.
Nana, Abigail, and the parakeets.

 I got lots of nice pictures and we ended up going home with five goldfish! All in all, it was a great day and I hope to do it again soon.

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