Saturday, September 7, 2013

Thoughts of Christianity and Secular Reading/Viewing Content, and Day 14 of 500,000 Word Challenge.

Today went much better than yesterday. After my brain woke up at about seven, I crawled out of bed by seven-thirty and ate a tasty salad with the family while we watched a couple episodes of Merlin. After my hubby went to work I did a quick preventative half-hour of internet, catching up on my comics, checking email, and Facebook. Then I started writing on the fanfic. From about ten-thirty till one-forty-five am I wrote on that, getting 1830 words on that alone, which is a lot more than I'd expected.

I said goodbye to my friend once my hubby came home for lunch. We watched an awesome episode of Naruto while he had a tortilla and I had a bowl of cheerios with a banana. After he left, I watched a couple episodes of a new anime I found called Kimi ni Tokode(From Me to You), which has so far been a clean, lighthearted show, while I fed my daughter.

After that, I started writing on my blog and finished off my creative writing goal with 113 words of scene planning toward my Rescuing the Prince standalone novel and a 60 word addition to a scene in my The Last Doomling series. Which gives me a daily total of 2,003 and a grand total of 29,059.

Lately, I've been doing a lot of thinking regarding Christianity and reading/watching/writing secular content. Now, I realize everyone is going to have different views on it and personal limits, so I'm not going to argue what/how much is right or wrong. I just make my judgments based on whether or not I feel God convicting me about something I'm viewing or common sense about whether it is leading me astray. Personally, there isn't a whole lot of shows, comics, or books that I can recommend, because they are secular and naturally have secular themes or content. Not that I'll read or watch just anything. You won't see me watching The Simpsons or the like, for example... anymore. So what is the difference between that and a show like Naruto, which has foul language and off-color humor? Two words. Character growth.

I simply must have characters that are true to life, that struggle with the sin nature inside themselves, whether they or their creators consciously realize it or not, or I'm just not interested. The more flawed the character, the more I tend to love them. Gollum seen in LOTR for example or Mr Gold in Once Upon A Time. They both resonate with me so strongly, because as flawed and fallen as they are, they struggle against their darker natures. Often failing. And that is the part of them that I see in myself. That is something I can understand and the stories I crave, because they give me hope in their own ways. If they made movies with either of those characters as a main, I would likely watch them.

Now, please don't get me wrong. I don't condone the seemingly popular attitude that uses the fact that none of us are perfect to willfully sin, nor do I recommend Naruto for everyone, especially not younger watchers or anyone who doesn't already have a tight grip on their faith. I would hate to be a stumbling block. I also realize that it might not be to your taste because of the occassional foul language and off-color humor flaws. But I was an utter screw up before God got a hold of me and I struggle daily to be a better Christian, so watching shows or reading stories that portray Christians as perfect or impervious to the temptations of sin tends to rub me the wrong way. That's where I think a lot of the Christian content goes wrong. In trying to make their characters 'Christian', they sometimes forget to give them enough flaws and internal struggles that the average person can connect with. Or at least, that's how it seems to me.

So, that is why I love Naruto so much. The story of the ridiculed and ostracized boy that starts out as the clumsy, bratty, wannabe-tough-guy that would try to punch you over a small slight but deep down wants nothing more than acceptance, who over the course of the series grows, gaining friends, maturity, and learning to choose to set aside vengeance and hatred for those who've done him wrong to pursue something better. Peace.

So, you've just gotten a little glimpse of what goes on inside the head of this forgiven sinner and if you keep reading, you'll undoubtedly see more in the future. Because that's me. I'm blunt about who I am and what I think, mainly because I'm not good at hiding it. What about you? Are there any secular shows/characters that particularly resonate with you? Why or why not?

Now I'm going go nap, then hopefully read a few more chapters from Patrick Carr's A Cast of Stones(which is Christian AND has a wonderfully flawed protagonist, by the way)!

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