Friday, September 13, 2013

Fun at the Faire and Day 18 of 500,000 Word Challenge

This has been a great weekend. On Wednesday, my husband and I got the unexpected treat of being able to take our eldest son to his first faire. I'm one of the most socially out of touch people I know, so I wasn't even aware that the faire was being held until I over heard someone discussing it with the librarian earlier that day! One of the first things my son did when we got to the faire was go to pet a bunny for the first time at the game stand were we could have won one. If we only didn't already have a pet Bengal cat, two mutt dogs and four purebred Dachshunds, and two guinea pigs between us all... :P

 We got lots of nice photos of my son going on the carousel, a Ferris wheel designed just for the kiddos, and a couple other rides. Shame that it had been drizzling out, because when we got to the huge slide, the wax stuff wasn't working and we had to drag ourselves down most of the way, abandoning any hope of being able to use our burlap sack in the process. 

At the games section, my hubby popped a bunch of balloons to win our son a crazy looking stuffed bird, that our son says can not be made of gold because it is squishy!

 We finished our faire fun with our traditional treat of a funnel cake, his first ever, and three dollars left in our pockets. But it was worth every penny to make a memory that I hope he'll be able to keep with him for the rest of his life. Tomorrow, my in laws plan to take the boys back to the faire to go see the animals during the day, since they've never seen farm animals before.

The faire aside, I had some more fun this weekend drawing up some sketches that I'll be putting up once they've been completed, and reading a few more chapters of A Cast of Stones by Patrick Carr. Which is good, because when I got to the library, the book that was waiting for me wasn't the one I'd thought but the second book in Carr's series, The Hero's Lot. Since I only have two weeks to read that one, I'd best be reading the first asap!

Starting as of yesterday morning, I'm now helping my FIL to find his motivation to write by doing a hour's worth of word warring with him every morning during my week. Of course, this will be added to my word goal, which is good, because so far that's the only times I've written was yesterday morning and this morning. Both times I wrote on the first book in my The Last Doomling series, getting 1149 yesterday(yes I'm counting it toward todays because it was done during my weekend) and 798 this morning for a total of 1,938 words and a grand total of 35,906. Just moving right along :) With the exception of tonight, I will be writing with my friend on our fanfic only on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays so I don't 1. burn out on it or 2. write only on the fic and not get any actual story writing done.

And now I'm tired. But it's a good kind of tired that comes when life is full. Night all!

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