Monday, September 2, 2013

Days 10-12 of 500,000 Word Challenge and Three Day Weekend!

Yes, I know, I know. No posts for the last couple days and I'm sure you're wondering why. Well, it started way back on Thursday. Because of that shopping trip I took during the day, my sleeping hours got all messed up. It's like a ripple effect, if something disturbs my sleep, it effects me for several days until it finally smooths out again. Friday I got about four hours of sleep, Saturday I got between one and two at the most. Sunday was much better, I ended up getting about six or seven hours, but because of the lack of sleep on the previous days I still feel exhausted. Unfortunately this is a common and frustrating occurrence in my life, so please bear with me... if I disappear for a couple days in the future, which I undoubtedly will, it will most likely be for the same reason.

I've not been idle however. Over the last few days I've been writing, doing my best to reach my goals through the tired-haze. I lost track of exactly how much I wrote for each day, since they kind of blended into each other for me. On the fan fiction story I'm writing with my friend, I totaled 1,813 over the past two days. For the past three days, I've written on two of my own stories. On the Cinderella Contest short story I've been doing, I've written 2,236 words, finishing four scenes and part of a fifth. On the first book in my current series, The Last Doomling(or TLD for short), I finished a minimum of four scenes with 7,273 words. That brings me to being a few words over tonight's goal and a grand total of 25,024. :)

Since I have finished tonight's goal early, I will be taking a three day weekend in hopes of catching up on my sleep and attempting to reclaim an at least semi-regular night schedule again, along with doing some more on the sketches in progress I've been drawing. In that time I will not be posting, unless something interesting catches my eye and I simply must tell you all about it. Till Friday, have a great week all!


  1. I hope you sleep well soon! I am no stranger to the Insomnia monster; I'll say a prayer for you at 3a.m. :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for the prayer!


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