Sunday, September 15, 2013

Day 20 of 500,000 Word Challenge.

My kids had a blast yesterday with the grandparents, who'd taken my trio to the faire for a second time to see all the animals. My daughter got fussed over by everyone who saw her and my boys got to try their hand a milking a (fake) cow and see pigs, sheep, and other critters for the first time. It was a shame that they forgot to take the camera with them, but at least they snapped a few shots with my hubby's phone. :) Aside from that, it was a pretty average night until after the kids were put to bed.

Except that tonight I took a sort-of day off. After my friend decided to take the night off from our fanfic writing because of reasons, I was checking how many words I needed to be on par and I discovered that somehow I'd written nearly enough words to be caught up. Guess all those few extra words per day had built up faster than I'd thought.

Anyways, because I need to read the second book, A Hero's Lot, by Patrick Carr before it needs returned in about a week or so, I decided to take the night to work toward finishing off the first book, A Cast of Stones. I'm now at approximately the two-thirds mark in the book and by four-thirty am, I could no longer keep my eyes open, so I took a nap. I woke up around nine, ate breakfast of left over roast and buttered bread while watching an episode of Bear Grylls Man vs Wild, again yelling at the screen when Bear did something I think was pretty dense if you were trying to survive, but then I find that fun. *shrugs* I then fed the girl and babbled for a bit with my father in law, before doing a short fifteen minute word war so I was completely caught up on my words. So, I've written a total of 121 words(yeah, kind of a small word count for a word war for me, but I'm tired and didn't know where I was going) on my The Last Doomling for the night and, with a grand total of 38,583, I'm going to bed!

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