Saturday, September 14, 2013

Day 19 of 500,000 Word Challenge.

My sleep pattern is starting to creep back into some semblance of as schedule. I woke up at five-thirty today and after feeding the baby, I helped to make some supper. We watched another episode of Merlin while we ate. My hubby then went to work and I read a few stories to my kiddos before putting them to bed, then tried to figure out what I was doing wrong on one of my WIP sketches.

Then I got online and started writing on the fan fic with my friend. I ended cutting it off short tonight because my daughter suddenly got very fussy and I quickly found out why, but I managed to write 429 on it first. A diaper change and a bath later, at one am I had her settled down for another feeding and watched an episode of Kimi Ni Todoke. Then my hubby came home for lunch around two and we watched another show together while we had some lunchmeat and cheese wraps. When he headed back to work, I made myself ignore more episodes of Kimi Ni Todoke in order to write some more on my The Last Doomling. By six-thirty am, I'd written 996 words on it and decided to take a break and feed the girl.

I spent an hour watching more Kimi Ni Todoke, then spent some time with the hubby until my father in law got up. We putzed about for a while, finally getting started on our hour of word warring at nine am. In spurts of fifteen minutes, then pausing to tally our progress before continuing onto the next fifteen, I wrote a total of 1131 words in that hour on The Last Doomling. So today, I've written a total of 2,556 and now have a grand total of 38462.

Now, I will eat my sweet rice and cranberries and go to bed!

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