Saturday, August 17, 2013

The 500,000 Word Public Writing Challenge!

As satisfying as finishing Camp Nano this July was, I've decided that its time for a personal challenge that's a little more... challenging.

Inspired by this post on Dean Wesley Smith's blog/website, my new goal is to write 500,000 words over the next year. That will be an average of 1,924 per weekday, with my daily progress posted for all to see on a daily basis. Which means by the end of it, I should end up having between 4-5 novels in completed first draft.

At first I considered doing an entire million words in a year, but I thought I might be setting myself up to fail, when I have book-related art to draw and three children under 5 that will need my time and attention. In addition to, hopefully, reading a minimum of a book a month since I've been seriously slacking on refilling my creativity well. You know what they say, 'Read, read, read. Write, write, write.' However, I figure if I can achieve this new writing goal, then maybe next year I'll amp it up a bit.

I will not be doing the exact same challenge as Dean, of course. I will not be making an e-zine for one thing, nor do I have a 100-short-stories-per-year goal to finish off. Neither I will not be counting any of the words from my blog posts toward my goal. I did, however, promise a friend that I would be doing some fan-fic role playing with her and I will be counting those words toward it, as it is still creative writing, even if what I'll be writing there will not be publishable. Well, not sell-able, anyway. We have discussed possibly putting it up on when we finish, but haven't decided for sure yet.

I still intend to participate in every nanowrimo event between now and then and I can be found under my username of B_Daring on either the regular or Camp sites. New friends and messages of encouragement are always welcome and appreciated! If any of you other writers out there want to join me, feel free to post your word count in my comments section!

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