Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 9 of 500,000 Word Challenge and link to Bad Blood excerpt!

Well, this weekend has been an enjoyable one, though it feels like it rushed by too fast.

I loved the book, King by R.J. Larson, and only wish that there was more! While I returned it, I even learned about a premier comic convention event that's coming up in November in a city near me, ComiCon-way! Better yet, it's going to have free admission! As a comic lover, I'm doing a happy dance right now. :D

But because I had to finish my library book in time to return it, I did not get a chance to do any actual drawing, but I intend to try to tackle some of that tonight. Especially since I bought some new colored pencils to experiment with, including some metallic ones! :)

Because I had to do grocery shopping during the day yesterday, I ended up stay up much longer than I normally would and my hours are yet again messed up by life. I got about two hours of sleep before having to get up again to eat and spend a little time with the family. However, I ended up falling asleep on the couch shortly after eating and didn't wake up again until after three in the morning. I then fed the baby, taking about an half hour, before starting on my writing again.

I'm still writing on my first book in my series. In fact, I've completed a teaser for it that I'd been working on a bit at a time for the last couple work days. It is the prologue for the story, which I have posted on my blog for your viewing pleasure, here!

Aside from that, I completed another chapter tonight with 1,131 words and most of a second with 988 words, which brought me to 2,119 words and a grand total of 17,751.

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