Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day 8 of 500,000 Word Challenge

Yay, weekend time!

Tonight was fairly productive. After eating supper, and having my oldest son tell me we were having a picnic because we ate watermelon for dessert, I joined my friend at midnight after I'd had a nap(wow, I'm really starting to sound like an old person with all these naps). We worked on the fan-fiction story till sometime after five am with one break for lunch at two am for me and baby-feeding. All said, I wrote 756 words for that.

From then till now, I've been working toward finishing off the first book in my series. I have about a third left and while that might not sound like much, that's several thousand words away. I finished one chapter with 1,033 words and wrote 396 toward another. That's 2,185 for today, with a grand total of 15,632. And since I'm totally caught up on my words, my weekend is free to do other things.

For the next two days I'm going to relax and enjoy myself. Catch up on lost sleep and right my schedule. Finish reading my library books, A Cast of Stones by Patrick Carr and King by R.J. Larson, before they're due. I also hope to finish a couple of story-world drawings I promised a while back(nope, haven't forgotten). I'm thinking I'll sketch up a beast of my own creation that features in my WIP Rescuing the Prince. Maybe, if have some extra time on my hands, I'll finish up the new first chapter of my book I started writing and put it up for viewing on the blog and DeviantArt.

It's hard to believe that August is almost over. The birthdays of my mother and one of my cousins is coming up next month, so maybe I'll make something crafty with the kids to send to them. I'll also be glad to have cooler weather. I already miss Wisconsin weather and I've only been back in Arkansas for three weeks, then again I'll probably always be a northern girl at heart.

P.SHey guys! For all of you who enjoy reading fantasy novels, with Christian elements, I highly recommend that you check out Anne Elizabeth Stengl's Goldstone Wood series. For today, at least, you can buy the first four of these awesome novels on Kindle for only .99 each! I ended up buying the entire series to date(currently six novels) for only $16.94 *happy dance*

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