Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day 6 of 500,000 Word Challenge

Ugh... loooong day. Because I'd gotten behind I've stayed up a lot later than I normally would. But hey, I reached my goal, caught up on the words I'd been behind on, plus a couple hundred more.

I woke up around 5:30 pm on accident and after staring blankly at the world for a while, I fell back asleep on the couch around 7. I woke up again around 8:30 for food and a show with the family, before sleeping for another hour from 10-11. Weird sleep patterns are a pain to overcome for me, but at least I got some sleep.

At 11 pm, I got online and wrote on the fan fic with my friend for a few hours. Got 518 words on that. After that, I washed and dried a load of laundry while feeding the baby and responding to an email my mom sent about how she'd gotten her hair wound up in a drill while she'd been working. Fortunately she's okay, but ouch!

Between 2 am and 3, I shared lunch of two polish sausage and cheese sticks wrapped in tortillas and watched an episode of a new show we've started watching. When he went back to work, I fed the girl again and slowly continued working on writing.

Since then till now, I've written 2,659 words on the first book in my series, finishing two chapters and part of two others. That leaves me with a total of 3,177 words today and a grand total of 12,083 words so far.

Now brown recluse spiders are threatening to bite me if I don't vacate my couch and get some sleep. Literally, one was crawling on my leg! *shudders*

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