Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 4 of 500,000 Word Challenge

My weekend went by in a bit of a blur. Between a tiredness that's been plaguing me for the last several days, having to reinstall Windows and all my programs on my and my mother in law's computers again, and a need to refill my creativity well, I didn't get to actually get to catching up on my words as I'd planned.

I did get to read the first three chapters of R.J. Larson's recently published book, King, the third in its series. Honestly I didn't want to put it down at three, but life interrupts. Between children and a chatty husband vying for my attention, it took all day yesterday to get a chance to read more than a sentence as it was! :D

Today I did better on my writing. After oversleeping by a half hour, I worked on the fan fic with my friend for a few hours, totaling 203 words on my part for that.

Afterward, I spent some time snuggling my baby girl and feeding her, then having some lunch myself with my husband as we watched an episode of an anime we'd not seen before. And then I got caught by an episode of an anime I've been curious about for a long while, which ate up nearly another hour of my time.

Once I'd gotten into writing on my books, at nearly seven am, I started with the first book in my first series. Writing one whole chapter and part of two others, which amounted to 1,522. Then I worked on my Cinderella short story, getting 418 words. So, for today, I've written 2,143, with a grand total of 7,195, and only 672 words till I'm caught up on my challenge. But I'm too tired to continue right now, since it's late for me as it is. For now, I sleep!

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