Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 3 of 500,000 Word Challenge

Tonight was a fairly typical night for me. Watched a few shows during dinner(or rather breakfast for me), sent the husband off to work, and did my preventative hour of internet.

Got to work on the fanfic around eleven pm and worked till three am. It was challenging tonight more so than it's been the past couple days. My brain just wanted to play and imagine random, nonsensical things as it often does(which tonight included turning the character I am role-playing as into an elderly English gentleman who would say this such as 'cheerio!' and whatnot). Its hard enough to stay in character with a character created by someone else as it is. If I learned anything from last night, its that I'm probably not suited to being a Ghost writer, which is just as well for me since I have more ideas that I can probably write in the next few years.

Despite my unfocused brain, it was still fun and I ended up with 621 words on that alone. After that though, I was feeling creatively burned out so I took a break. I watched a couple shows while feeding my daughter, then started back in on writing. It went rather slow, as my brain was getting tired by then and I just wanted to take a nap, but I've managed to squeeze out another 412 words on my Cinderella short story. So that leaves me with a total of 1,033 words for the night. After trying to work while over-tired many times, I have learned that it almost always means writing of poor quality that I get stuck trying to rewrite into something coherent and decent and failing horribly, leading to writing in endless, frustrating circles of deteriorating quality until I am too tired to determine the quality. I now know better, so I will call it a day.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays after are usually my weekend, but I will use some of that time to finish writing the 891 words that I didn't get today, so I'm caught up again by the time my work week starts again on Thursday night.

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