Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 2 of 500,000 Word Challenge.

My routine is starting to take shape again, after being disrupted by my visit with my mother a little over two weeks ago. This time got up a more normal time, around seven pm. Even so, I feel quite a bit more tired now that the my day is almost over. I spent my usual two hours watching shows, Merlin was today's choice, then reading my oldest six stories and putting him to bed.

I spent an preventative hour on internet, trying to get as much of my distractions out of the way as possible before I started to get to work. Even though this often takes an hour, I do it to reduce the length of time I try to escape from my writing when I come to a tricky spot, as there is nothing new for me to look at. The sooner I bore of the internet, the sooner I get back to trying to figure out how to continue in my writing. I don't suggest this method to everyone, but since I'm the type of person who really doesn't have much interest in sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, or even Twitter really, it works for me. After I've checked my email, Facebook, blog stats, comics, and DeviantArt, I have nothing interesting to look at. I do have to be sure to avoid places like tvtropes and getting sucked in my doing research, though.

Once my computer picked up speed and stopped glitching on me, I met up with my friend to do some fan-fiction writing. From 11pm to about 5:30am we worked on our role-playing fan-fic. We changed up our style of writing about half way through our writing session from a simple, cooperative plotting style to a style  closer to true role-playing. It had me writing a scene on my own, while she watched everything I typed(including every mistake and change I made), and then we switched as it transitioned to her chars point of view. As self-conscious as I am about having people watch over my shoulder as I write or reading my material before I've given it a once over, this was torment. I literally froze for twenty minutes as I tried to figure out what to do and how to start, but I managed to get past my issues and actually had fun the rest of the time. Talk about public writing though!

On the fan-fic alone, I wrote 1,799 words. Which wasn't easy because almost the entire time my daughter wanted to nurse or be held, so I ended up setting my laptop on the arm of my couch and typing one handed. I am probably the worst hen-pecking typer in the world, so nearly every little sentence was a challenge to write. After my friend headed off, I took a break from writing and watch a couple anime shows on Hulu while having some cuddle and playtime with the baby girl.

After that, I got started working on my Cinderella story for the contest I posted a link to yesterday. Because I was already worn out and my brain was starting to fail on me, I managed 179 words on it, but at least I'm happy with those words for now. I need to find a better balance between my book writing and the fan-fic, but that may take a little time to do, if not just continue this way until the fan-fic has been finished, since we don't plan to make it a very long one. I'm just going to go with the flow of things for the moment and worry about balancing acts later.

So for today, I totaled 1,978 words and have written 4,019 altogether. I'm still looking for a progress bar that I can add onto my site, maybe I'll have more luck with that tomorrow. Now, I'm off to bed.

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