Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 1 of 500,000 Word Challenge!

It occurred to me late last night that I should have pointed out in my last post that I live night shift, so my first official 'day' of this challenge started when I got up around six pm yesterday. My usual bedtime is about nine to ten am and I intend to post my word count for the day sometime shortly before.

So, here is a breakdown of what my day was. I woke up earlier than I wanted, at 3 pm and was dead to the world for a while, fed my daughter then went back to bed until seven pm. Then I spent time with my family, as it was my brother's birthday yesterday, watching one of the Full Metal Alchemist movies and having some really yummy sandwiches and the some of the tastiest coffee I've ever had(now I know how Starbucks manages to charge so much for a cup of their coffee! Yum!). After my husband headed off to work, I read my son a few stories and got him ready for bed, took a bleach bath under doctor's orders, and managed to crawl online by eleven pm.

From that point till 3:15 am, my friend and I worked on plotting out and first drafting a chapter or so of our role-playing fan fic. In the fanfic work, I totaled 917 words. Then when my friend headed to bed, I fell into my usual writing slump after a writing buddy leaves for about an hour, doing battle with internet and online comics.

I then juggled reading a blog I follow, along with working on my Rescuing the Prince standalone novel, writing 807 words and doing some plotting work on a short story, totaling 317 words, that I might submit to Rooglewood Press' Five Glass Slippers Creative Writing Contest.

So at the end of this day, I have written 2,041 words. Just 497,959 words to go :P I'm thinking I might look into finding a progress bar to add to the blog for my challenge, to make it easier to keep track.

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