Friday, June 14, 2013

Abby Sketch and Deviant Art Account In Progress!

After three years of not having drawn so much as a doodle, I couldn't resist the call to draw again when looking down into my sleeping daughter's face as she napped in my lap. It took me about three hours to complete. I'm rather pleased with it, but what do you think?

Abigail Sketch at 3 weeks
H2 pencil on 100# sketch paper.

The main reason for sharing this with you is to announce that I am in the process of creating a new DeviantArt account!

I have seen several other authors I enjoy draw art for their stories and have always thought how fun that would be. After seeing how people enjoyed even the simple doodles made for Tolkien's stories, I thought, 'Hey, why not!'. I love to draw, even though I don't get to do it as often as I'd like nor am I as good at it as others, but it was my thought that I could draw up my characters, races, mythological beasts, etc as I seem them in my mind on random occasion to share with you all.

I grew up watching Disney movies and discovered my love of anime and manga in my teens, so much of my own drawings and sketches will probably be in a similar style, though various other styles are entirely possible. I love art and can never stick to one exclusive style, anymore than I could stick to one singular genre to write in.

So, for those interested, I will be putting up pieces of book-related art and some other non-book art like the sketch above. Maybe even snippets of my writing works in progress, short stories, alternate or dropped scenes, or spin-offs. It's rather bare bones at the moment, but once I have a few more to share, I will put up a link to it on my blog.

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