Tuesday, April 30, 2013

On Bigotry From A Supposed Bigot’s POV

Hello, you can call me Brianna. I am a non-denominational Christian. And I do not agree with nor am I in support of LGBT, marriage or otherwise. There, now I’m out of the closet. (Wait, where’s my applause? I was promised applause for coming out of the closet, that's only fair since all the LGBT people seem to) Yes, as you can probably tell, I’m feeling a bit snarky at the moment, but I get that way when it feels like people are deliberately trying to provoke me into arguing when I don't want to or walking out of their lives so I don't have to deal with it.

Now, does my disagreement with the LGBT lifestyle make me a bigot? Well, many will likely say an automatic ‘Yes’ to that question. However, to that I must ask, what makes me any more of a bigot than those of you who would label me as such? If we take a look at the dictionary(Dictionary.com that is), it defines the word as follows: a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.

Normally, I would not dive into this sea of a controversial issue, but someone I am close to, who I love, shared a couple messages on Facebook that went like this: “Denying equal rights to another group of human beings based on your religious beliefs is still called bigotry” and “Don’t tell me who I can love”.

So many LGBTs and their straight supporters point fingers, calling those who do not support the LGBT lifestyle bigots. If you ask me, the other side of the above messages should go: “Denying another group of human beings the right to not support or disagree with something, based on their beliefs, because they do not agree with your beliefs, is also bigotry.” and “Don’t tell me what I have to support.”

Were the aforementioned messages a personal dig at me? Probably not, but reading them still felt like an undeserved slap to the face. As strongly as I felt about their life choice, I have never told this person that their beliefs were wrong, that they should change, called them derogatory names, wished them harm, or told them that they are going to hell. It’s possible that they mistook my silence on the issue for agreement with or support of it, but I thought they would have known me better than that. At the same time, this post is not directed at them specifically, but LGBTs and their supporters in general.

Let me make this clear: I do not hate LGBTs and I'm not intolerant. In fact I know someone who is gay that I consider a friend. Though I can't say we are very close, when I talk with him it's with the same respect as I give everyone else. If I hated everyone that didn't have the same beliefs as me, I'd have very few friends indeed. Hate is a waste of energy and time.

Will you ever see me picketing gay funerals or weddings or some such? No, because I am a Bible believer and my Biblical based beliefs tell me to love my neighbor (notice how it does not say ‘agree with’?) and I believe that neighbor refers to all mankind. Nor will you ever see me signing anything in support of gay marriage. 

As much as I could go on to explain my beliefs or wander onto the other related topics, this post is not actually about my religious beliefs. It is about how much it irks me to hear the pot calling the kettle black and to hear LGBTs in general accusing those who believe as I do of trying to deny them their rights, when they’d just as soon deny us ours. I believe very strongly in the ‘golden rule’ regarding this issue. Do not judge, label, shove your beliefs down other's throats, or deny others the right to believe as they choose, if you do not want others to do those things to you.

For those of you who might be wondering, no, I have no intention of writing a story with a LGBT character in it unless it is crucial to the story itself. That means it is highly unlikely you will see one of those cliche effeminate, gay men or strong, lesbian women in one of my books, whether it is intended as ‘Christian’ fiction or not. Nor do I intend to write smut and/or erotica. Because I do not agree with it and that is MY right, like it or not.

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