Sunday, December 23, 2012

Maps, Maps, and More Maps!

If you couldn’t guess by the title, I’m working on maps for the different eras in my world, currently the one for the world during the time period that my Nano novel is set in. At the end of The Last Doomling series, which is still in the making and set earlier in history than my nano novel, something will occur that causes a lot of changes to the world geography that bring about the need for a new map. I’m doing this mostly so I have an idea where my characters are going, instead of wandering in circles. I would love to be able to add the time frame applicable map to my books, my I’m not sure I’ll be capable of formatting it properly to fit. If not, I’ll likely put up the maps separately on my blog and/or website which is also in the making.

Sometimes I hate how stubbornly fixated I can get on small things. I did a rough first draft on my Gimp program and wanted to do the current map by hand first, then do final edits later with Gimp, but I can’t for the life of me find my art folder which had my sketch book. I don’t want to even know how much time I’ve spent looking for it, but I spent at least an hour today and who knows how much yesterday, when the other part of my brain is smacking me and telling me to just draw it on a regular notebook paper. The stubborn part of me says, ‘but the annoying blue lines!’

On top of work and wondrous holiday madness, I’ve got lots of reading to do. I just bought Amanda Hocking’s latest book 'Lullaby', but I’m not going to read it until I’ve finished off my stack of library rentals. I torment myself. :P

I just finished reading Leah Cypess' 'Nightspell'. For the good parts, I liked the world she'd created, the characters and their interactions, the concept of her story was interesting and creative, and the story build up and tension. On the negative side, I felt a little let down by the ending. Some very intriguing possibilities had been offered up, but it didn't live up to the greatness I'd been expecting because of those possibilities. It felt as though it had been ended in the easiest and quickest way possible, just to end, and that in the end, nothing truly seemed to happen. True, the main character's main goal was accomplished, but not really because of anything she actively did. The big bad was also defeated, but it's been only a couple days since I finished it and I can't remember how or by whom without looking back at the book for reference. I sadly have to admit that I was a bit disappointed with the end, though overall it was good enough that I'm going to look for her other book, Mistwood, to see if it was better.

I've now started Cinda Williams Chima's 'The Gray Wolf Throne'(book 3 in her Seven Realms series and the first of her books I've picked up). Also on my to-read library list is Angie Sage's 'Magyk'(first book in the Septimus Heap series), Jonathan Rogers' 'The Bark of the Bog Owl'(the first book in The Wilderking Trilogy), and Veronica Roth's 'Divergent'. As you can likely tell, I'm on a definite YA kick right now, with a leaning toward fantasy stories. Still a pretty good diversity, I think.

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