Tuesday, October 2, 2012

So Many Changes!

Soooo much has been going on! Last week I got a pleasant surprise. I found out I’m pregnant again, and should be due around the end of May. Wasn’t expecting another so soon, since my second born is only six months ago, but it’s still exciting nonetheless. What can I say, my man’s a stud :P Everyone’s rooting for a girl, which I admit would be nice since this will likely be my last and it would be nice to have at least one daughter, but if it’s not, I don’t care much. Raising boys is fun.

Earlier when I was putting my first-born son (3 years) to bed, I read him a few stories (I think it was six this time), we prayed together, and he got hugs and kisses like the normal routine. However, he always tries to delay going to sleep, so as I was heading for the door he asked for a hug. I told him he already had hugs. He asked for kisses, told him he already had some. He asked for tickles, I said not now. Then, of all things, he says “boot to the head?”. At that point, I was laughing too hard to stay. You might think my family likes the ‘boot to the head’ song (Tae Kwon Leep). Just goes to show, you’ve really got to be careful what your kids listen to. :D

Another thing I’m happy about is that my mother, who has been living in a nursing home because of health complications for the last couple years, will be moving into her new apartment next week and I’m excited for her! She is such a trooper and has really missed her independance. I wish we didn’t live a thousand miles apart, but she hopes to be moving down here in the spring. Something else to look forward to. I miss having my family near.

A short while back, a Facebook friend of mine posted pictures from a bike ride he took around our hometown and I found myself getting nostalgic. It’s funny. For years I didn’t associate my hometown with anything particularly good. Sure, it had it’s good points and fond memories, but at the time, it felt like a trap. Where too many people (mostly antagonistic peers) knew me for how I used to be and just wouldn’t let me put it behind myself and change. Kind of like that one song I’m Moving On by Rascal Flatts. Not that that was the main reason I moved, but in a way it felt a bit like running away from ‘home’, I just happened to take my mother with me. Don’t get me wrong, I believe moving was the first domino in a line of good choices I’ve made, I’m much happier with who I’ve become. But now that I’ve grown, part of me wants to go back. Walk the trails on the native reservation that I lived on for half my life, spend time at the beaches where I used to play, and visit all my old haunts.

Tonight, I walked in to refill my cup with tea (Chai with sugar and creamer... mmm) and caught my family watching an episode of Warehouse 13 that I’ve yet to see, without me! Oh, the inhumanatee! But I was good, and walked away from the t.v. and got back to work, while I still had the will-power :D

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