Saturday, October 13, 2012

Loving Fall!

I love Autumn, it’s probably my favorite season. Cooler weather, leaves changing colors, and pumpkin pie shakes! One of my aunts, my sister-in-law, and my father all share October as a birth month. In fact my father had been born on Halloween, so this time of year gets me thinking of him and home and family.

I had a great Tuesday, the first day of my weekend, even though it was busy. It was a beautiful day, perfect temperature, clear sky, and a nice breeze. My three year old had an appointment to get his flu shot, but afterward we went shopping, then to Sonic where he got to pick out his own meal, then we spent a good hour at the park. We don’t go to the park near often enough. Haven’t seen my husband smile so much in a long time. We all enjoyed ourselves.

After that, we spent the remainder of our weekend lounging around doing little else aside from catch up with our favorite tv shows, play video games, and watch more anime shows than is probably good for us. I didn’t even read all that much. We finished the Clannad After Story series... loved it, but as always, I wish there had been more. Also nearly finished the Sands of Destruction series, only three episodes left to watch!

Friday morning my husband brought home four big pumpkins! Quite the success, seeing that we’ve had a pumpkin shortage due to the droughts. One of them is big enough to fit our six month old in, or at least I’m hoping so. I want to get some pics of him in a pumpkin like we did with his brother on his first Halloween. Its a shame the weather decided to get hot again (weird southern weather :P), so we have to keep them in the house and with all the other plants that have to be kept inside, it’s getting very jungle-like in here. I’m looking forward to getting them carved and I see some homemade pumpkin pies in our future!

If you’re a pregnant, you might want to try some chai tea if you have nausea. It has ginger in it (at least all the types of chai I checked) and it’s helping me, not that I have real bad nausea by any means. I use Stash Chai Spice Black Tea, make it strong and prepare it like coffee, with sugar and creamer. Yum!
They have a decaf version, if you're worried about caffeine. I have so little caffeine in a day I don't usually bother.

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