Saturday, September 8, 2012

(Vaguely) Based on a true story. (A short story)

I sit on my bed, my fingers pattering against my keyboard almost in time with raindrops on my roof. Beside me my fan chugs along like an old beater truck, threatening that every churn might be its last.

Wind revs and groans like the vengeful dead, its volatile gusts causing the partially torn garbage bag duct taped over the left window to shudder and crackle raucously. Every second is chimed by a drip, diving from a hole in my ceiling to land in my metal wastebasket with a muted clang.

A flash like a lion tamer's whip slashes through my curtain, answered by thunder's angry roar. My fan sputters and my cover-less light bulb hums and brightens impossibly, then goes out with a sharp pop, filling the air with acrid wisps of burnt filament. Slapped in the eyes by the glaring of my screen, I blink at its abruptly painful brightness against its new inky backdrop.

My dog emits a high pitch whine, boxes clunking as she burrows deeper into my closet, panting like a steam engine.

As my eyes adjust to the dark, the glow of the street lamp seeps through my incompetent guard of a curtain, casting just enough watery light that I'm able to make out the shapes of my furniture. I blow out my cheeks and delve back into my work.

Another thundery growl rumbles and something bangs in my closet as my dog digs deeper still into her makeshift den, dragging my attention, kicking and screaming, from my work. From the corner of my grudging eye, I notice a yawning cavern of darkness, purer than that which surrounds me with a golden gleam at its middle. My heart surges and sputters; my previously closed door is ajar.

Spiders born of ice crawl down the back of my neck as susurrations ghost in through that dark space. I am no longer able to pry my gaze from its impenetrable depths.

At eye level, twin orbs gleam into existence from their tenebrous cove, leering at me. I swallow against the shriek rising in my throat. Alabaster daggers are revealed...


This was something I was inspired to write by tonight's storm and my Tobi's rude tendency to open my door while I'm working and yell at me. Pesky furball :P

If I've managed to entertain you with my little bit of nonsense, feel free to let me know!

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