Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Response To The Attack On The American Embassy In Libya

Normally I have very little interest vested in politics, but with what I've been hearing on the news about the recent attack on the American Embassy in Libya really ticks me off. Not that the other attacks haven't, but I've heard less about them and therefore decline to say anything regarding those instances.

I can understand that Muslims were offended by how that video portrayed their religion, but honestly, I don't care how you look at it, nothing excuses attacking people who had nothing to do with the video's creation, just because they happened to share the same country as the creator(s). It is wrong, it is petty. That's saying nothing of the fact that by spreading it around, they gave the creator(s) of the video what they wanted, attention. Way to show those heathens... *eye roll*

Its quite obvious that whoever found the video and started showing it around as though that was the general view of America toward Islam was trying to start trouble. It wasn't a popularly viewed video, therefore they likely searched for it specifically. They were looking for a reason, any reason, to attack us. Likely trying to instigate a religious war. If they've proved anything, in my opinion, it's that the Islam religion is a narrow-minded and violent one that can be spurred into mindless wrath at the drop of a hat. Is their religion generally this way? I sure don't know, but that is the message these attacks have conveyed to me, and likely many others.

What makes me even angrier, was Libia's government's response to it. The initial attack seems to have been an organized act of terrorism. It may have been on their land, but it was American territory. If they can't, or rather won't, take a stronger stand against the blatant terrorist attacks or guarantee the safety of our embassy on their land, simply because some of their people didn't like what a few of our people said, what is the point of their leadership? If they are going to simply roll over and allow their citizens run rampant like a pack of mad dogs that bite the hands that feed them, why are we there? Perhaps I'm giving the US too much importance in that regard, but if they don't need us or our financial aid, why haven't we pulled out of their country and taken our money with us? I readily admit that I'm not knowledgeable about all the details or the purpose of our being in their country in the first place, but I'm sure there is plenty of other things we could do with the 2 million (or was it billion?) dollars of assistance money. *coughboostourowneconomycough*

Something my father in law said earlier made me think. He wondered out loud, that if we Christians attacked people who disagreed with/insulted/didn't follow our religion, would we be taken more seriously by the world? Not that he supports that idea, nor do I, since I strongly believe that Christians who are truly following God wouldn't do so (the actions of Westboro Baptist Church disgust me, but that's a whole other can of worms). I have my doubts that Christians turning violent would do anything aside from giving the world the same impression that this recent attack on our embassy in Libya has given me.

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