Sunday, September 16, 2012

Holey Cheese, My Word Count!

Holey cheese (I'm a born and bred Wisconsinite after all)! I hadn't realized how much I've gotten written since I last posted my progress.

In just over a month, I've managed to write approximately 46,400 words! Yep, I've doubled my word count *fist pump*. So that leaves me a current total of just under 89,000 words and I'm only about half-way through the rewrite at a (unformatted and therefore smaller) page count of 244! And here I thought I was barely crawling along :D I feel accomplished.

I need to refill my creativity well again. Not that I'm running on fumes by any means, but I have soooo many books I need to read! I've renewed the same bunch of library books twice so far and I'm only on the third book out of seven (I'm sorry Anne Elisabeth Stengl, it's not your book, it's me! Loving Moonblood so far)! It doesn't help that my reading speed is sluggish, partly because of normal life distractions and partly because I'm a bit out of practice. I also have four books I bought that I've not even begun because I want to finish my library books first. Not to mention my collection of ebooks. I currently have 394 ebooks in my kindle/calibre library, of which I've read approximately 10. I seriously need to start limiting myself... but stories! I admit, I'm an addict, but I'm nothing compared to my father in law, who currently has somewhere around 600 ebooks if I remember correctly.

He's also had some writing progress. He's written a fun short story that I think he should publish and he also came up with an awesome vampire story idea that he'd better finish or I'll poke him till he does :P Seriously, I want to read it.

I know what I'm going to be doing this weekend, but for now, I'm going to go work some more on my book!

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