Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nobody Likes Me (FYI: Not A Whine)

I’ve done a lot of thinking lately. I admit, it’s not been all positive, so I’ll spare you the long of it and just say that I often avoid contact with other people. Why? Because I’m socially awkward and painfully shy. Again, why? Because there is this stupid voice in my head tells me that there is no possibility that anyone will like me because I’m too different. That no one else is like me. That I’m too weird.

Okay, I am weird, but the part about no one being like me is not true. There is a major flaw in that concept. What proves my new theory that I’m not as alone as I have always believed? The fact that the things I like exist, and were made by someone else. This goes for books, movies, music, and games. Far too many things to count, really. And apparently plenty of other people like similar things as I do, because the things I like got enough positive attention that it was passed on to me in one form or another. And I’d bet the same theory applies to you, in some way or another. To everyone.

I have gotten a lot better than I used to be. I no longer hide behind my husband or feel defensive when greeted by someone new, like I used to. Still, I want to work on my people skills. Maybe earn some new friends along the way. Though, I’ll probably never be one of those people who truly enjoys networking in the sense of adding tons of people I don’t really know. Not that there is anything wrong with networking, its can be a useful tool. I just believe strongly in real, meaningful friendships, not simply a collection of pictures on my facebook wall. So if you see me getting more involved in conversations around the internet, it’s my attempt at kicking that spiteful little voice in my head in its teeth and proving it wrong.

So, today I challenge you to think of something you enjoy or are passionate about (that you had nothing to do with its origins) and remind yourself its okay to be you. Because someone, somewhere out there, is at least a little bit like you.

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