Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Personal Blog Up And Running!

I now have my personal blog started! I will be sharing my personal thoughts, opinions, and experiences there, kind of like a public journal. I don't expect everyone to like them or agree with me, so that is why I chose not to post that kind of stuff here because I feel that if you're not interested in hearing anything from me but stuff about my book or writing, that should be your choice. If you're interested, my first post there is at

Also, if you're interested in reading my thoughts on political correctness in writing, check out the next post at

On book work, I now have a little over 36,500 words written on the first book at this time. I'm going at a decent pace in my opinion, but still have quite a bit left to go. The first write of the book was around 109,000 words, but this version will be longer because of additional scenes.

Now back to work for me!

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