Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fell off the face of the earth. Again.

As much as I wanted to keep my blog on a schedule, my lifestyle and memory issues simply do not permit. So, until I get better at time management, my blogs are officially non-scheduled and I’ll be dropping ‘this weeks time wasters’. I spend so much of my time writing lately, that I rarely have anything of note to share about things I’ve wasted my time doing, unless obsessing over work counts (pity my poor family, they have to listen to me question everything I do. My father in law has threatened to beat me with organic carrots and to hook me up to electrodes :P). I’ll still be sharing things I find interesting or fun, but they will be on mostly on my personal blog and will not have any particular schedule to them.

I’m pleased to say that my absence from my blog has been fruitful at least. Since I last posted, I’ve made a lot of progress, nearly doubling my word count. Its now up to just shy of 68,000.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading in the meantime as well. I splurged and got myself a hardback copy of the newest Dean Koontz novel, Odd Apocalypse, along with Amanda Hocking’s newest novel, Wake. I’ve yet to start either, seeing as I currently have six books checked out from the library that I want to finish first.

Included in those library books are three by a new author to follow, Anne Elisabeth Stengl (warning: her blog posts can sometimes contain spoilers). I finished her debut novel, titled Heartless, and loved it! It’s a wonderful love story set in a fantasy world. I believe that it is still for free through Amazon for Kindle. I fell in love with her prose, she writes beautifully and had me in giggle fits all over the place. Nothing I love more than a tastefully written book that can make me laugh. I’m now working on the second, Veiled Rose.

However, while reading the first of Anne Elisabeth Stengl’s books, the vividness with which I was able to visualize her setting got me to thinking about my own novel’s setting. While I was writing it, I had a medieval-ish setting in my head, but now that I’m revising the original draft of my book, I’ve come to realize that that did not come across nearly as well as I would like. I also noticed that I had very little description. At the time, I had been more focused on what was happening rather than where it was happening and it gave some of the scenes a bit of a white-room feel. It appears that I’ve found another weakness of mine I need to work on.

Some might say that it isn’t wise to admit my weak points in my writing, but I’m quite new in my journey as an author and I have no business acting as though I know everything. This way, at least you know that I’ve been learning and strive to improve my weak points.

And learn I have. When I finished Bad Blood the first time, I had not been reading anything about how to write a book. I wish I had been, because if I had, I might have realized that my book was not ready before publishing it the first time. Since then, mostly through author blogs dedicated to helping newbie authors, like K.M Weiland’s blog and Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi’s joint blog, I’ve gained a lot more knowledge about my craft. Due in great part to what I’ve learned, I’m confident that this version will be vastly better.

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