Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Last Doomling Series Outlines Finished!

I'm super excited to announce that I am officially finished with the writing of the outlines for the entire The Last Doomling series and it only took me 19 days! Woot! (Please excuse me while I bounce off the walls with glee)

Okay, now that I'm back, I should mention that I'm currently putting my outlines through the wringer, making sure that they have good plot structure and a sensible, natural flow for each book. I also intend to have an extra set (or two) of eyes look over the outline to hopefully eliminate any glaring, obvious plot holes I somehow missed on my own. So it will be a little while yet before I get started on writing the actual books, but I'm hoping it won't take me too long to get through this step. I'm extremely eager to get started! I am hoping that now that I have the outlines done and will (hopefully) have the story structure set up shortly, it won't take me too long to write the books, but I won't be rushing myself to write the series, so I'm not going to even try to put up a projected release date at this time.

It's looking like this series is going to consist of at least three, and quite possibly four, books. I even have titles in my head for each of them already and several cover design ideas, but I'll reveal those at a later date.

Friday the 13th was my eldest son's third birthday (13 is my lucky number, even cooler that it landed on a Friday!). Everything was bug themed. We even made him a caterpillar birthday cake out of frosted cupcakes with blueberries for eyes and part of a pretzel for the mouth. Turned out pretty cute. He got to stay outside and play with his new dodge-ball (had to get him a tougher ball, my cat popped the last one within ten minutes of getting it home!) until it got dark and then went in to build things with his two new big Lego sets with his dad. One of them was taller than he is when they were done with it! Though we all agreed that we need to get him some more so he can build himself forts with them. All in all, we had a blast. I hope everyone else got to have as much fun on Friday the 13th as we did, though I have my doubts ;)


  1. Well done on finishing the outline and good luck with the writing. :-)

    My Friday the 13th was really relaxed, which is pretty nice in its own way.

    1. Thank you! Relaxing days are always nice to have.


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