Sunday, June 24, 2012


For this week's time waster, (as if collecting books could ever be a true time waster!) I give you! It's a website that lists free ebooks from various authors through amazon and I'm hopelessly addicted, usually getting at least 10 new ebooks every time I check there.

Please note that lists books in pretty much every age group and genre, but I linked to the children's book page because it also displays YA books, one of my favorite age groups to read, and I feel that that page is the least likely to have offensive covers/books on it. Still, I feel it's my responsibility to mention that some of the books this site displays contain material some parents would find offensive or inappropriate, so be warned and watch your kids. If the book's cover isn't enough to suggest what its content will be like, please read the book blurb and reviews to reduce the risk of getting something you don't want.

Know that some of the 'free' books they list are the free for 'prime members', but most are just free (for the time being). If you use this site, be sure to make sure the book is still listed as for free when you get to its page because some seem to be with a time limit. Also, if you refresh the page, sometimes it will show a few new titles.

Now onto a different subject, work.

I'm still working on my outlines for my book series. What I'm currently trying to do is figure out the best sequence of events for a smooth story and so I don't leave any plot holes. This is especially hard with the third book since it's not completely plotted out at this point, but I think I've had a small breakthrough with it.

I started this part of the project writing it down on paper, but I'm now moving it onto my computer because I need to be able to just insert scenes and move them around quickly and easily. Not to mention writing that much is a pain in the hand since I always hold the pencil in a death grip. The the first book (currently in revision) is going to have some new scenes and possibly new whole chapters in it that I can hardly wait to get started on! Some of those new scenes will be in Brandon's (the main character's best friend) P.O.V which are usually quite fun to write. So now, I will be getting to it!

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