Friday, June 15, 2012

The Strange Workings of the Mind

I find it funny how our brains work. Sometimes (in fact, rather frequently for me) we can get inspiration from the things we see, hear, and smell around us.

A picture, a dream(several of my story ideas had their start as dreams I've had), a phrase, or even a single word can start us on an outlining/writing frenzy.

This morning it was just a cover of a book that I was considering buying that triggered it. Just that picture gave me an idea about a character, which gave me for a setting, which lent an idea of a scene, which brought me an idea for a title, which became an idea for a cover image, which then led me into writing an entire outline for a book. Start to finish. Admittedly, it took me four hours to write it all down (by hand) and I don't know every detail, but I have a good story outline nonetheless.

A week ago, it was a single word I heard on the news, which gave me a idea for a title and then a general story idea (which is not outlined yet because it's not developed in my head enough yet).

And yet there are other times, like most of my days, when writing moves along like molasses. Going uphill. In a blizzard.

Good writing and reading all!

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