Monday, May 14, 2012

There's a snake in my... bathtub?!

Had a good Mother's day, though the morning started out a bit unexpected. When I woke up I was told that my hubby had to shoot a critter and that my dog had had it. At first I assumed it must be another turtle or something, but then my hubby told me to go look in the bathtub and I'm thinking 'huh?'. So I go check and there it sits in my tub, a dead Timber Rattlesnake. All four feet of it (we measured). Funny thing is that I didn't even hear the gun go off and it was only a few feet away from me! I can sleep through just about anything. Then again he only used a pistol.

He told me that my dog had it cornered outside behind some boards leaning against the house, right beneath the window next to my couch (I fell asleep in the living room). I'm so glad that my dog alerted us to it's presence! Too be honest, I'm surprised that she was smart enough to keep out of it's range and not get herself bitten, she's only a year old after all and isn't exactly the brainiest dog otherwise.

I'm not afraid of snakes, I even tend to like the non-venomous ones. But having rattlesnakes roaming in my backyard where my two year old son, Owen, plays is unacceptable. So we're going to be looking around to see if we can get some sulphur to spread around and hopefully discourage anymore from coming around. We're going to be cooking up our not-so-little unwanted guest, the eternal carnivore in me has always been curious as to what snake tastes like. We also plan to be keeping the skin, maybe make something out of it. My mother was a taxidermist's assistant for several years while I was a teen and I hung around her work a lot. I even helped once in a while, mostly in deer season, so I picked up on some of the trade. Needless to say, I'm not squeamish.

Aside from that, my Mother's day went well. Got some more reading done, drank lots of Lady Grey tea made by Twinings of London, made a run to the store listening to some music by the German Eurodance act, Cascada, came home to bake a chocolate cake with Owen, and helped my father make fried bread for indian tacos, a favorite meal from my childhood that I hadn't had in ages. It turned out pretty good, considering we were running low on our white flour and had to use a little of pretty much every other type of flour on earth including: rice flour, tapioca flour, and buckwheat flour. Unfortunately I was too stuffed from all the indian tacos I had to have room for cake.

I have also done something I didn't think I would. I picked up a copy of Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. I did it most because I was curious as to what her style of writing was. I have to admit I was a bit shocked to find myself actually enjoying it. I've read a lot of bad reviews and snarky comments regarding the series so was really hesitant to read it and when I tried to watch the movie for the first book I fell asleep (is it just me, or did the movie not play up the humorous parts at all? Maybe I should try watching it again), so it seemed a bit doomed to me. At this point in the book I've not found anything really to complain about except that the beginning seemed to drag and that every boy in school seems to be interested in her so far, but I find the interactions between Bella and these boys quite humorous, so I'll let that slide for now. If you can tickle my funny bone, I'll put up with a lot, but like I said, no big complaints as of yet. I'm no where near finished with the book yet, but I'm optimistic.

My favorite funny phrase from the book so far is "I made the Cowardly Lion look like the terminator", but that might be because (at least in my own mind) I make the terminator look like Winnie the Pooh. Don't get me wrong, I'm shy to a fault, but I'm also bold to a fault. Asking yourself how that's possible? Well, so do I every time I can't seem to speak without tripping all over myself around a stranger who's nice, but go on the defensive if someone is mean to me without good reason or threatens me. I will never start a fight, unless it's to protect someone else, but I will finish one if I have to. If someone treated me like Edward first did Bella in Biology class, I'm assertive enough to be at least glaring back if not giving them a piece of my mind.

I've gotten some more writing done, trying a different method. By writing backwards. My thoughts are that if I write the end of the series first, then I know what's going to happen. Then I just have to figure out what happened to make that happen, working my way back scene by scene to the beginning first book. I'll see if this way works better for me, since I've already decided not to publish the books till the whole series is finished. I'm hoping it will, but even if it doesn't and I have to go back to the regular way, I'm pretty happy with the epilogue scene I wrote and will probably keep it either way.

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