Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I've decided that just for fun I'll try to post a list of things I've been distracted by and wasted time on instead of actually writing like I had planned, once a week. These posts will be titled This Week's Time Wasters (or TWTW). I come across some pretty funny stuff. Or at least it seems funny to me at 3 am. Perhaps I'm just easily entertained. Then there are times I discover things I find genuinely interesting and educational. Though those usually pertain to writing and the pursuit of improvement. What I'm distracted by most often are the multiple web comics I follow, Facebook, other blogger's posts, Twitter, and Youtube. In that order.

Have you seen any of the How It Should Have Ended videos on Youtube? If you haven't you should check them out. They are often very parody-ish and sometimes downright mocking of the original movie, but hilarious if you're not easily offended by parodies. Don't get me wrong, I generally love the original movie that they make their parodies based on, but I enjoy the parodies anyway. One of my current faves is the one that they did for Harry Potter. It was really funny and besides, Snape is awesome!

Another Youtube video I'm currently in love with is a Pirates of the Caribbean music video by called 'Why is the Rum Gone? Remix' put up by someone named Andrew Van Vlear.

The Youtube page for it even has a link to a website where you can download the MP3 of the music for free! If you don't know how to get it, you first click on the website link (of course) then the blue, underlined 'MP3 Download' link. Click on the 'Why is the Rum Gone Remix.mp3' link then when the bar pops up, right click on it and tell it to 'save as'. It will then download to your computer.

Today I found out how to take screen shots. This site also has a good tutorial on how to do a screen capture if you're wanting to do this with something other than a PC. My husband also referred me to a website that offers a free automatic screen capture program but I haven't tried it yet.

I got a little more writing done, though I don't know the exact word count. Currently working on reworking some of the old manuscript into the new one.

And now that I've spent another night awake, I'm going to bed.

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