Friday, April 20, 2012

Hugo is AWESOME!!!

Last night me and the family watched Hugo. It was awesome! Maybe others wouldn't like it as much as me, but I love clockpunk (and steampunk.) Ever see one of those steam punk laptop computers? I so want one of those! Oh, and one of those steampunk R2D2 figurines to put on my desk. Anyway, the inner workings of the clocks and automaton naturally had me drooling. The story itself touched me in a way few do these days. It makes me want to pick up a copy of the book, because I can only imagine that it's better than the movie, as is usually the case. Not only did the movie have depth, but also a happy ending. So it gets at least a 9 out of 10 rating from me. It got me remembering my beginning in writing, at least writing that other people would ever see.

I was in middle school and had an English class assignment to write a poem. I don't remember what I wrote exactly, but I do recall that it was dripping with depressed teen angst. At the same time there was a poetry competition for a newspaper. Though I can't remember for certain if it was the school paper or if it were something bigger. I had originally had no intention of entering mine into the contest, being the extremely shy, attention-repelling person that I was. But my English teacher convinced me and I entered mainly because I didn't believe anyone would even notice it among all the others. I didn't really follow it after entering, in fact I'd forgotten about the contest entirely, and I remember being flabbergasted when a classmate congratulated me, and I was thinking 'for what?' Apparently I had placed first in my grade. I remember thinking something along the lines of 'Don't look at it, it's awful! Don't look at me!' and wanted the floor to eat me. This first time someone bought my book after I found out there were overlooked errors in the first version (revision still in progress, will mention when it's done) I got that same feeling. It's gotten a little better, but I'm a perfectionist to a fault.

I just called my cousin's boyfriend's phone trying to wish her a happy birthday. I had to leave a message, which I sounded kind of stupid in. If there's anything I hate more than calling people I don't personally know, it's leaving a message on the phone of someone I don't personally know... but anything for my cuz.

I'm starting to believe that my two Bengal cats have object repelling force-fields surrounding them, because things seem to just jump off of shelves and the tops of cabinets by themselves whenever the cats are nearby, even if they never touch the item.

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