Monday, February 6, 2012

Important notice and Blush update

First off, I wanted to let anyone interested know that I've decided that my pen name Julieann Couture is going to be changed to Brianna Dare. The second book in my current series, Blush, will be published under that name only and the first book will be changed to go under that pen name as well. Also, I wanted to mention that this blog, along with my Facebook page and my Twitter account, will be changing to be under that pen name as well. This change will be implemented as soon as Blush is put up for sale as an e-book and I will be putting up new links at that time.

The second book, Blush, is near finished. It's taking me longer than I had originally intended, due to some major scene rewriting/revising that needed to be done to make the book better than it was in the first draft. I'm still hoping to make it available by Valentines Day, however that will be dependent on how fast I can write the last chapter and first teaser chapter of the third book, how long it takes for my beta readers to go through it, and then the finishing touches before I put it up. I'm also going to be simultaneously doing editing on the first book, Bad Blood, to hopefully catch any grammar and or spelling errors in the first book that had been missed. I will then be re-uploading it as a second edition so the improved version will be available at the same time as when Blush is published.

Oh, and another thing! I plan to be having a limited time sale once I put up the second book. I intend to put up the first book as free and the second book at only .99! That's two books for the price of one, but only for the first week or two once it's been published. After that the first book will return to it's price of .99 and the second will be priced at $2.99. Keep a look out for them!

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