Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Further Delays (It's not all my fault. Honest!)

This week has been trying on my creative nerves. My computer backup system went on the fritz, then my computer crashed on me nearly a week ago. Since all my book work and several other important documents were on my computer I couldn't restore it to factory settings until I was able to retrieve them. That meant that I had to buy a gadget that basically turned my hard drive into a USB. I (and my wonderfully tech savvy husband) just got it in today and thankfully have been able to retrieve my documents. Now I'm working on re-installing important programs, such as the writing program I use (LibreOffice), my art program (Gimp), and my internet browser, etc. My hubby and I have also been discussing purchasing a subscription to an online back-up program to avoid this problem in the future.

I had intended to use the time waiting for the gadget to arrive to work on the revision of the first book Bad Blood, but then I (and the rest of my family) caught a cold which has left me in a constant half-awake/half-asleep state that I refer to as 'brain death'. I've been eager to finish my last chapters on the second book, Blush, and have had several ideas brewing in my head, but I have learned through repeated experience that I do not write my best when in 'brain death' and often make things worse that way. I decided it was probably best to not touch my work until my cold is over. Luckily I'm getting better and hope to fully recovered by the end of the week.

This time has not be a total loss at least. Prior to my computer's crash, I came to notice that because I've been not 'refilling my well', AKA: reading, often enough it had been affecting my ability to write well, so I've read a couple books in this time. Additionally, this period of not be able to work has given me plenty of time to think.  Going over in my head what I've already written has made me realize that I need to do a little more character development with one of the characters in the second book. I also have a better idea of how I want to end the book and start the next now, which has been both a blessing and torture at the same time, since I've been desperate to write down the ideas that have been coming to mind.

On another note, we're expecting the second addition to our family in three weeks. I'm excited, a little nervous, and trying to get my ducks all lined in a row by that time. It's also putting pressure on me in several ways. I want to finish this book before the baby's arrival, but I have to put my priorities in proper perspective, which means I simply may not be able to by that deadline. So, I beg your patience as I try to get the second book done and available as soon as possible, without rushing so much that I risk putting up a book that I believe is inferior to what I'm capable of.

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