Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas and a little book progress.

I wanted to take a moment, before I dive back into preparing for the festivities, to say that I wish all my readers, and mankind in general, an enjoyable Christmas. May you all get the chance to be with your loved ones and have as little stress during this holiday season as possible!

As for how the second installment in the Moon Blooded series, Blush, is coming along I have the majority already written and only have a chapter or three near the end left to write and some minor re-writing to do. After that it goes to my three beta-readers. Once I get their feedback, I will then go over it one final time for editing and tweaking before I declare it ready for publishing. The book cover is still in progress, but I'm pleased with the direction it's going. I'm aiming to have Blush finished and available as an e-book by February 2012! Shortly thereafter I should have the printed version available as well. If you're enjoying Bad Blood, keep a look out for it!

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