Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bad Blood is now available in Paperback!

I'm thrilled to announce that Bad Blood, first book of the Moon Blooded series, is now out in paperback and is currently available for purchase through either Amazon or Createspace! If you choose to buy this book through the Createspace e-store, use the following code (2VA3EXRR) to receive $5.00 discount off of the original price of $13.99! Please note that the discount code is only valid if used with the purchase of this book through Createspace. I highly suggest you copy and paste the code to ensure it's correct. Also, I would like to inform you that the cover for the ebook is slightly different from the cover of the paperback book.

Paperback Cover

As for other book news, I'm getting close to finishing the rough draft of the second book in the Moon Blooded series, Blush and were making progress with it's cover. I also have a fairly good idea where I'm going to go with book three though I have not yet decided on a title or cover design for that one yet.

On a slightly different topic I love! Why? Because in order to put my book up on I need to have my book in a .doc format and the free trial of Microsoft Word that came with my computer is expired. Since I prefer to use OpenOffice to write my documents in, I really would have no other reason to purchase a full version of Microsoft Word for $200+ except to make .doc files of my book, and now that I use to covert my OpenOffice directly into .doc format, I don't have to! Admittedly I can't edit the .doc file without an active version of Microsoft Word, but since I already keep a Master Copy of my book in OpenOffice, it's simple to make changes and revisions in that and use that file to create a new .doc with Another downside would be that I have to remember to right click on the link and select 'save link as' to save it, because without the active Microsoft Office, I can't save a file with it. is completely free so it's definitely worth a little extra work. I also use to turn my OpenOffice into .html format to put my book up with Amazon Kindle and Epub (though they can convert straight to .epub format along with some other ebook formats as well). Needless to say, I love this website!

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