Friday, November 4, 2011

Bad Twilight Reviews ate my life!

I can't believe I just spent two whole hours reading negative Twilight reviews on Amazon and a few other places. Originally I went there to see if there were any reviewers of popular young adult paranormal novels that I might ask to review my book, but my father in law sent me to the Twilight reviews. I know it might seem a bit cold to those of you who are really fond of the series, but I found what some of the reviewers said truly comical.

Edit: I had previously said that I wouldn't do reviews, but I've come to realize that so long as they aren't given in a 'you suck and have no talent' attitude, there's nothing wrong with an author reviewing a book, or a movie, done by someone else. I strongly believe that all reviews and criticism should be given with the intention of being honest and constructive. Not self-serving, spiteful, nor the other extreme, brown-nosing.

I really hate it when I see an author drag another author through the mud, so to speak, for no other apparent reason than to put them down or trying to make themselves seem better than the author whose book they reviewed. It seems a lot like bully behavior and I won't become one. I dislike it almost as much when books and movies are given undue praise (and by undue I mean giving a 5/5 rating when it has some clear flaws, such as significantly poor grammar). I always wonder if the review was given by a friend or family member when the review has absolutely nothing negative to say. No book or movie is 100% perfect, though I'll admit there are some that come pretty darn close.

Back to the original subject, I have never personally read any of the books in the Twilight series. Even if I do at some point, I doubt that I'll post a review of the books. If I do, it would be one that is fair, pointing out the good along with the bad. I watched the first movie, once, and it had me giggling at the concept of sparkly vampires, I guess I'm a little old-school that way (my father in law and I even have a growing list of 'uses for sparkly vampires'. Disco ball, anyone?). I do admit that the Breaking Dawn Part 1 movie trailers have caught my interest, and I might actually watch it when it comes to blu-ray. Maybe.

I did manage to get some writing done on my upcoming novel in the Moon Blooded Series, Blush. I currently have a good portion written, but I can see that I still have a lot more to go. I'm aiming for releasing it by March of 2012. I promise to my readers that I will never intentionally write a book so it seems like someone else's book, no matter how popular their's might be. I do my best to ensure that my stories are as original as I can get them.

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